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Dear community, we have an important announcement to make.

As you may already know, our mint did not go as planned. We fell short of our expectations and are disappointed with the outcome. While we acknowledge that the current market conditions and memecoin season played a role, we take full responsibility for what happened.

Despite this setback, we remain confident and committed to the project’s vision. We want to thank you all for your feedback, which we’ve taken to heart. Over the next few months, we’ll be putting in the work to bring more features and improvements to the table.

We need you now more than ever. As a valued member of this community, we want your opinions and thoughts about the project and the minting process. We invite you to be a part of this journey with us and to share in our success.

Aside from improving & polishing AI GameToEarn, we plan on expanding it by adding another project to our repertoire – more info is coming soon.

As Seneca said, “A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials.” We view this as a challenge to refine ourselves and emerge stronger than before. Thank you for your patience and support.

Our PUBLIC MINT has started on 25.5. @ 10:00 UTC.

The price of our AI NFTs is set at $188,88. Make sure you prepare enough ETH for the mint!
AI NFT owners have these benefits:
  • Chance to compete for a $100,000 prize pool in the first month. All the rules and terms of the leaderboard can be found in our general Terms of Service.
  • Chance to earn up to a $1,000 a month
The big prize is here for the taking! By minting our AI NFTs you unlock a chance to win life-changing money! To participate on the leaderboard, you must stake your AI NFT on the platform and compete with other players in our monthly competitions to win valuable prizes paid out in Ethereum.
Mint special features:
  • Every 5th owner has a chance to get his purchase amount BACK if we hit the milestone.
  • For each 500 AI NFTs minted, we are giving $200 to 100 lucky NFT owners!
  • This offer is valid for every 500 AI NFTs minted!
Take full use of financial features on our platform by owning one or more AI NFTs!

We are on a mission, and our motivation is clear: we want YOU to join our community and embark on this incredible journey with us!  Together, we strive to have 25,000 crypto lovers & players on our platform by the end of the year. We KNOW we can make that, and so much more happen!

Welcome to AIGameToEarn

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Games Library

If you’re the type of game enthusiast who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and wants to have a great time, our game is perfect for you. With the Web3 GameToEarn concept, you can create your own game experience by becoming the owner of unique game assets that are stored securely on the blockchain. You’ll be able to own your game outcomes, increase your game capital and start having fun fast. Play our casual video game today and let the fun begin!

Bike Down

Jump straight into action with this simple yet fun biking platformer. Land safely.

Space Rider

Customize your ship and fight your way through various, alien infested, star systems.​

Zombie Archer

Use unique skills, array of weapons and upgrades and grind zombies to dust. ​

Drift Racer

Stay ahead of competition with fast bikes and power ups. Drift baby, drift!


Explore the mystical world of Evertwine in this epic and magical card game. ​

Wash Rush 3D

Travel the world of messy floors and make them clean and sparkly again.

Coming soon!