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If you’re looking for a way to earn some extra income, consider playing free-to-play games that offer rewards in return for your time and effort. There are a variety of games available that use blockchain technology to provide secure and transparent rewards for players.

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If you’re the type of game enthusiast who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and wants to have a great time, our game is perfect for you. With the Web3 GameToEarn concept, you can create your own game experience by becoming the owner of unique game assets that are stored securely on the blockchain. You’ll be able to own your game outcomes, increase your game capital and start having fun fast. Play our casual video game today and let the fun begin!

Bike Down

Jump straight into action with this simple yet fun biking platformer. Land safely.

Space Rider

Customize your ship and fight your way through various, alien infested, star systems.​

Zombie Archer

Use unique skills, array of weapons and upgrades and grind zombies to dust.

Drift Racer

Stay ahead of competition with fast bikes and power ups. Drift baby, drift!


Explore the mystical world of Evertwine in this epic and magical card game.

Wash Rush 3D

Travel the world of messy floors and make them clean and sparkly again.

Coming soon!